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Hand model Ellen Sirot explains how she got her start and maintains her picture-perfect hands. The former dancer uses yoga to maintain the grace and endurance she needs as a parts model, but she's careful not to build too much muscle in her hands. From cuticle oils and hand creams, to gloves for everyday activities and never wearing her wedding ring, find out what it takes to be a top hand model.

They wear gloves to the beach. Their fingers can be insured for six figures. And they'd sooner eat glass than bite a hangnail. This is what it takes to have the loveliest hands in the world.
They're not ordering chocolate lava cake.

“Sugar, salt, and caffeine make the veins on the backs of your hands look plump,” says Ellen Sirot, whose hands you may recognize from Dawn ads. (Extreme? Maybe. But also effective, according to dermatologists.)
If you're a fan of smooth skin and ice cream, raise your hand. Seriously. Do it. Lifting your arms over your head for a minute gets your blood flowing away from your hands, so your veins look less obvious in pictures.

Director: Matt Morrison & Maya Margolina
Producer: Claudina Morrison | PSE Productions

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The Secret Life of a Hand Model | Allure


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