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Animated music video parody of the video game "Hello Neighbor"
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Moving to a small, new town can be hard, except when you inherit a farm full of dancing plants & animals.

►Lyrics, Vocals, Instruments & Animation by Logan Hugueny-Clark https://www.youtube.com/user/Lhugueny
►Additional Vocals & Produced by Whitney Di Stefano


Verse 1:
Before I came,
To Stardew Valley,
I worked too hard,
Joja almost killed me.

Opened the letter,
My grandpa left,
Gave me a his farm,
I felt so blessed.

Pelican Town,
See you around.
Planted some crops,
Adopted a dog.

Harvest my crops,
Collecting cash,
I bought some chickens,
Found the mayor's underpants.

I just wanna farm on my grandpa's property,
Now I will restore grandpa's farm to its glory.

Verse 2:
Seasons change so fast the summertime's already here.
Orange trees yielding so much fruit, using hops for beer.

Rolled up to the bar,
Hittin on the ladies,
Til Pam showed up,
She got drunk and crazy.

Digging through the mine,
What can I find?
Diamonds, so many,
I'll give em all to Penny.

I'll fix the Community Center,
Make this town better.
Get Pam back her job,
Calico here I come.

I just wanna farm on my grandpa's property,
Now I will restore grandpa's farm to its glory.

Gave the Mermaid Pendant,
To my sweet Penny.
Procreate descendants,
They're so cute and sweet.


I just wanna farm on my grandpa's property.

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