Canadian soldiers deceive Taliban by Gl Vi   9 years ago


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canadian troops build a dummy machine gun in their spare time in hopes of drawing fire. the fake gun did actually take rounds from the enemy. The video was taken in 2008 and wasn't posted until 2011 well after the outpost in question was taken down.
a little bit of history: in this video you can see lots of rubble piles surrounding the outpost. prior to this video, the outpost had no standoff and we were getting attacked daily from as close as 50m. we pushed out onto the roofs of the surrounding compounds and found big caches of RPK's AK-47's and RPG's, alongside a shit tonne of spent casings and ammo. guys were throwing grenades from the towers the fighting was that intense. so we had our engineers with their leopard tanks smash the surrounding buildings to pieces and pushed our perimeter outwards to deny the enemy the ability to sneak up on us. claymores and trip flares surrounded the perimeter as well as some other clever devices placed outside the wire perimeter. as a result, we were then getting attacked from approx 300-400m instead.
the taliban are relentless in their evolving tactics and never stay quiet for too long. case and point.... check out this next video.


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