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Barbara Palvin is more than ready to raid a beauty store—she's quite the beauty expert. The 25-year-old Hungarian model, a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue rookie of the year, is full of unexpected tips. She dished them out as she confidently tackled the shelves with us at Armani Beauty's Armani Box Pop-Up in LA.

The Armani Beauty face called the time limit "a little scary" and wrestled with the budget (after all, the beauty brand's most popular Luminous Silk foundation is $64 alone), but rose to the challenge. Watch the video above to find out why she doesn't like to wear pink blush, the unconventional places she applies her foundation, and why cold water is a skincare essential.

Barbara's Beauty Haul: 27 minutes || $149
Black Ecstasy Mascara, $32
A-Line Contour Liquid Bronzer, $38
Face Fabric Foundation, $49
Smooth Silk Lip Pencil, $30

Visit the Armani Box Beauty Pop Up Shop in L.A., now, through March 24: https://www.giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com/the-world-of-armani/events/armani-box-los-angeles-ca.html

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