Disturbing Nickelodeon Secrets That'll Ruin Your Childhood by Nicki Swift   8 months ago


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If you're an '80s or '90s kid who was lucky enough to have access to cable, then one of your childhood dreams was most certainly to get slimed on national television. But while Nickelodeon brought joy and electronic babysitting to you and millions of other kids, it was also the centerpiece of a huge corporate empire. And like any business, it's got some skeletons in its closet. Grab your orange blimpies: We're about to wipe the secretive slime off of Nickelodeon's most disturbing secrets...

Gak is whack! | 0:27
Whoopie pie | 1:06
Rocko's far too modern life | 1:41
A truth bomb about SpongeBob | 2:35
Dora vs. the D-D-D-D-Defendant | 3:07
Danny Lightfoot has vanished | 3:50
All That wasn't all that | 4:28
iFell | 5:03

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