Dennis Rodman's Epic MIND GAMES With Mutombo & Laettner! Full Series Hlts Vs. Hawks (1997 Playoffs) by Oldskoolbball   4 months ago


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In 36:37 , the crowd went crazy. One fan held up a sign that read: "Happy Birthday, Dennis. It's my birthday too. Just throw me your jersey, and I'll forever love you."

Rodman's jersey did end up in the stands--but not before other entertaining moments.

The Worm bullies Dikembe Mutombo and Christian Laettner for 5 games with exchanged forearms and elbows. The officials are not letting him play his game until game 5 but that is how Rodman plays the game. If Rodman cannot play basketball like that, he is worthless. He is the rebounder he is because he has been allowed to play like that.

Even without being effective (statistically) in Games 1 through 4, Rodman basicly dismantles and dismembers Hawks bigs Mutombo and Laettner throughout the series.


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