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Everything you need to know about famous YouTuber Tana Mongeau.
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Tana Mongeau is one of the most famous YouTubers around. Her storytime tales are super interesting, but some of them seem a bit problematic. Here is a look at The Shady Side of Tana Mongeau.

She claims to have a stalker that she has known since 2nd grade. He became obsessed with her then and has been following her ever since. She tells some really insane stories about this guy. She said that one time, he snuck into her bedroom and took Polaroid pictures of her while she slept. Creepy, right? Except Polaroid cameras are really loud and the flash is pretty bright. So if someone really were to take photos of you while you slept, you would probably wake up pretty quickly.

Whether it’s her stalker stories, her racist language, or her plastic surgery, a lot of things about Tana don’t add up. Stay tuned to The Shady Side of Tana Mongeau to find out what really happened between her and her former assistant Alyssa Cardiff.


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