How Social Media Affects Your Brain by BuzzFeedVideo   8 months ago


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Posting a picture on Instagram does more than you think.


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Anonymous NYC crowd in slow motion
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Spectacular Fireworks Finale in HD
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Traffic to night
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Hand Drawn Animated - Arrow Sketches (Full HD)
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Brain MRI Scan
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Large Explosion + Alpha data
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Albino mouse in terrarium
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Technological brain
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Flight through the nerve cells
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Drops of Crystal Clear Water
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Brain from a Particle Vortex
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Close up of roulette wheel spinning
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Pharmacy theme. Multicolored Isolated Pills and Capsules on the Black Table. Vitamins falling on dark surface. Slow motion
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Social Media Thumb Up Likes Counter Screen
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retro slot machine
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Enthusiastic business people clapping and cheering in conference audience
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