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I've already made two Animals Being Jerks compilations but I've never made a single Animals being bros compilation, so i've decided to solve this problem. I spent a day to find best examples of how friendly animals can be to each other and also to show that most of time animals are bros to people.In this video you can see a lot of footages starting from brave animals help and rescue people and other animals from death, animals help to do some domestic stuff and just animals being bros to each other. Mostly dogs in the video, but a lot of dolphins, cows, horses, cats, raccoon and etc. awell. The video consits of:

0:00 - just a funny moment of dog singing
0:44 - dog helps clearsnow from driveway
1:00 - dolphin retrieves dropped phone
1:11 - animals (dogs) teamwork
1:18 - try not to "awww" chellenge or little pig plays with dog
1:33 - cows love dogs
1:43 - dog helps with hurricane cleanup
1:58 - "help me get these leaves"
2:10 - dogs always ready to help you
2:18 - cat makes dog a massage
2:29 - cows love dogs 2
2:44 - monkeys also love dogs
2:55 - dolphins jamming with human
3:56 - dog brings human a blanket
4:44 - monkey teaches human how to do this right
4:59 - another helpful dog
5:02 - dog brings her owner beer
5:28 - when a human returnes back from work
5:43 - pig and cat
5:58 - at the cat wash
6:13 - mama dog feeds abandoned kitten
6:28 - outboard pupper
6:38 - wolves being bros to people
6:53 - this one shows that animals are bros to people
7:23 - dog and owl
7:32 - shark gives human a ride
7:40 - horse in love with this dog
7:55 - seal using whale as a waterslide
8:09 - dog diving
8:20 - baby elephant playing with guinea hens
8:27 - a zebra crossing at a zebra crossing
8:36 - parrots being bros
8:47 - and the last and the most sad story of a blind raccoon and his kitten bodyguards

Some of clips were funny, some of them were cute and others very touching. But anyway that's a great proof that animals being bros to people and each other all the time. Hope you enjoyed.



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